2022 Summer Institute Schedule

20th Annual Summer Institute
Forward Together ~ Building Bridges

July 18-20th 2022

Embassy Suites at Destiny USA Syracuse NY

Conference Schedule 

Monday July 18, 2022

7:45 Registration

8:40 Welcome/PSA

9:00 Keynote I:  It's Time for Some Action
Dr. Steve Perry

10:00 Vendor Showcase

10:30 Breakout I: 

Session A: It's Time for Some Action
Dr. Steve Perry

Session B: The Transition Thought Exchange: Developing Collaboratives CSN/School District Partnerships
Naomi Brickel and Yvette Goorevitch

Session C: Developing Distributive Leadership: Leveraging Expertise and Fostering Collaborative Relationships Between Special Education Teachers and Speech and Language Pathologists
Julie Sawyer, Shannon Shaw, Deb Smith and Armine Spoelstra

11:30 Vendor Showcase

12:00 The Karen Norlander Legal Advocacy Award/Lunch/Business Meeting - Congratulations Jay Worona!

1:15 Keynote II: Special Education: Federal Law, Federal Advocacy and Education
Phyllis Wolfram Executive Director National CASE 

2:30 Vendor Showcase

2:45 Breakout Session II:

Session E: Common Sense in MTSS: The Why Behind the What
Dr. Eva Dundas and Dr. Steve Rappleyea

Session F: Reengagement Priority 1: Mental Health Needs Identified by Universal Screening
Dr. Daniella Maglione

Session G: ECHO Autism: Autism Best Practices
Tracy Schober and Ashley Velez

Session H: Leading Change: Special Class Reading
Armine Spoelstra

3:45 Vendor Showcase

4:15 President's Reception
* Please be sure to join us for free awesome Hors D'Oeuvres and wine!

Tuesday July 19, 2022

8:15  Introduction/PSA

8:30  Keynote III:  Before DEI: The Work Behind the Work
Paul Forbes

10:00 Vendor Showcase

10:30 Breakout III:

Session I: Implicit Bias Awareness Overview
Paul Forbes

Session J: Reimagining School Through MTSS
Nicole Scariano

Session K: Changing the Function of the Functional Behavioral Assessment: Developing a Collaborative, Problem Solving Model Using the FBA Process
Dr. Catherine Guthrie

Session L: IEP Writing and COVID Recovery: Tips from the Field
Megan McCormick, Dr. David Bateman, Sarah Backal-Balik, Matt Korobkin

11:30 Vendor Showcase

12:00 Lunch/ Friend Of Special Education Award - Congratulations Assemblyman Al Stirpe!

1:00Vendor Showcase

1:15 Keynote IV: 10 Big Ideas to Increase the Learning Achievement of Students with Disabilities
John O'Connor

2:45 Vendor Showcase

3:15 Breakout IV:

Session M: Defining Tier 1 and Specially Deigned Instruction
John O'Connor

Session N:  Implicit Bias Awareness Overview
Paul Forbes

Session O:  Medical & Educational Professionals: Do We Speak the Same Language?
Susan Sloma and Gloria Jean

Session P:  The Importance of Supporting Learners with Varying Levels of Need Utilizing an MTSS Framework
Megan Stuhrmann, John Henyecz

4:15 Vendor Showcase

Wednesday July 20, 2022

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Introduction

9:00 Special Education Administrator of the Year Award - Congratulations Ms. Cheryl Cardone Grand Island School District!

9:30 Building Educational System Capacity to Support the Implementation of a Multi-tiered System of Supports – Integrated Framework in New York State 
Christopher Suriano - Assistant Commissioner NYSED and Kathleen Milliman Chief of Special Education Services NYSED 

11:00 Raffle items!         Congratulations to the many winners!!