NYCASE Committees

By Laws Committee is responsible for reviewing and updating the organization's bylaws and mission statement. 


Dr. Heidi McCarthy, [email protected]
Kathleen Kieffer, [email protected]


Michelle Mylod, [email protected] 

Ora Perkins, [email protected]


Legislative Committee works on behalf of the membership with the State Education Department and legislature to ensure that effective and appropriate services are made available on behalf of students with disabilities.  The committee works closely with representatives of the New York Council of School Superintendents, School Boards Association, and the Big Five School Districts to coordinate legislative priorities and advise the membership of pending legislation, regulations and best practices.


Lea Morganstein[email protected]

Dr. Heidi McCarthy [email protected]


Yvette Goorevitch[email protected]

Kathleen Hansen [email protected] 

Heather Hendershot  [email protected]

Rochelle Hoot[email protected]

Regina Kaishian  [email protected]

Alyssa Marino  [email protected] 

Sharon McTygue, [email protected]

Suzanne Nicholas [email protected]

Trisha Wickwire [email protected]

Dr. Heather Wynne  [email protected] 


Membership Committee is responsible for increasing membership through mailings and advertisements. The committee also recommends ways to manage mailing lists and registrations for conferences.


Cynthia Johnson[email protected] 

Nancy DeStefano, [email protected]


Patricia Close, [email protected]

Margie Daniels  [email protected]

Anthony DiRusso  [email protected] 

Heather Hendershot, [email protected]

Kathleen Kieffer[email protected]

Alyssa Marino, [email protected]

Ora Perkins[email protected]

Jill Post[email protected]

Dr. Steve Rappleyea [email protected]


Professional Development Committee organizes training programs including the annual summer institute, virtual conferences, co-sponsored events and the New Administrator Institute sessions. The offering of regionally based, issue oriented one-day conferences may be available based on identified need. 


Dr.  Selena Fischer, [email protected] 

Dr. Rae Lynn Helman,  [email protected]


Danielle Cornish [email protected]

Yvette Goorevitch  [email protected]

Anthony DiRusso  [email protected]

Kathleen Hansen[email protected] 

Kathleen Kieffer, [email protected]

Dr. Kenneth Kroog  [email protected]

Dr. Heidi McCarthy  [email protected]

Lea Morganstein[email protected]

Ann Narcisse  [email protected]

Dr. Catherine Pennock  [email protected]

Wendy Richards  [email protected]

Jennifer Sanford  [email protected]

Velvet Tanner,  [email protected] 

Dr. Angela White[email protected]

Dr. Linda Widomski[email protected]


Technology and Communications Committee maintains the web site with up-to-date membership and professional information. The committee reviews and recommends to the Executive Committee web site enhancements and improvements. They are also responsible for electronic periodic informational updates, and social media. 


Ora Perkins, [email protected]

Dr. Angela White  [email protected]


Dr. Lynn Allen, [email protected]

Kathleen Kieffer, [email protected]

Elizabeth Kennedy[email protected]

Dr. Linda Widomski, [email protected]